Films (3)

Barry & Sherry:
Letter of Pain

Meet Barry and Sherry.
They hate each other and are fighting over a letter.
Enjoy the mayhem.

Barry & Sherry: Play Date

Join everyone's favorite dysfunctional couple as they have a "play date" for their daughter. 


Filmed, written, edited, and directed by Jason Salazar.

Barry & Sherry:
Toilet Humor

Join Barry & Sherry as they deal with a small toilet problem.

Filmed, written, edited, and directed by Jason Salazar.

Bodbrane and the Wizard of Spas

[48 Hour Film Project in San Jose 2008]

Watch as Chris Doyle and his girlfriend Maggie take a magical journey to see Meanos, the Wizard of Spas. Move over Harry Potter, here comes Bodbrane! 


A very short tale of one man and his punching bag.

Bop-It! Armageddon

A young couple discovers a deep, dark evil hidden within the game of Bop-It!

Filming and effects by Christian Pizzirani. 
Directed, written, and edited by Jason Salazar.


A tale of three people and a comic book that causes a bit of a stir. 

Filmed, written, edited, and directed by Jason Salazar.


Do you hate washing your car? Want a way to make the mundane experience more enjoyable? Well then, looks like you need to add some bubbles!

Filmed, written, edited, and directed by Jason Salazar.

Couple O'People: Origins

That dysfunctional couple from "The Bitch Who Stole Christmas" and "The Night Before Bitchmas" are back! Did you ever wonder how these two kindred spirits found one another in the first place? Or did you ever wonder why the hell they were a couple at all? Well prepare yourself for the origin story of the worst couple the world has ever seen!

Filmed, written, narrated, edited, and directed by Jason Salazar.

Crackpot Comics Epic Trailer

Thanks But No Thanks Productions in association with Beyond Forever Studios presents the epic trailer for the epic web series CRACKPOT COMICS.

Cushion the Blow

A tale of two friends, a game of Scrabble, and the message that tears them apart.

Filmed, written, edited, and directed by Jason Salazar.

Demolition Fan

A charming tale about one man who takes his love of the movie "Demolition Man" one step too far.

Filmed, written, edited, and directed by Jason Salazar.

DOs and DONTs for Improving the Planet​

We all need to do our part to making the planet greener.
Perhaps with the help of our friend Rebecca, we can all help to make that a reality.

Faery Chronicles​

A charming tale of two fairies who must find themselves a new magical roomate.


Red Curtain Productions and Beyond Forever Studios present to you: GENGANGER! Cindy McMillian is your everyday average high schooler but when she sees a strange young girl around campus, bad things start to happen. Can Cindy, with the help of her friends Parker and Ciera, stop this menace before the entire student body is destroyed? Enjoy this horrific adventure.

Directed by Sharon Salazar.
Written and edited by Jason Salazar.

© 2016 Beyond Forever Studios

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